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29 Palms - A Book Series

Media: novels/film

29 Palms Second Chances picks up where the first book in the series left off as Shane and Kyle work to escape the threat by Damon, so they can be married and start their second chance at life together. But they find themselves pulled into two different directions as friends of theirs are facing life threatening challenges and ask for help to get them out of their consequences. Kyle decides to help his Marine brother, Ray, that is found clinging to life after being severely beaten in a motel room. Shane is contacted by the Agency that he recently retired from to go undercover to find an officer that he was close with and has gone missing while undercover with a major arms dealer living in Palm Springs. Our couple find that while they are devoted to each other, they are also faithful to their service that each had done for their country for most of their lives. Now they both create new identities to save their friends future so they can have a second chance in their lives.

This new adventure finds the couple using their training, courage, and wit to find ways to conquer the challenges they are asked to face, while discovering that their own future does have a meaningful outlook. There is exciting action, adventure and intrigue as Shane and Kyle find how far their relationship can bend but never seems to break. Their romance is strong and this story continues that love and passion that the Marine and biker have. They face heart wrenching challenges but do what they must to keep themselves protected. As they protect themselves, they are protecting their love thus keeping each other alive. They discover that the day they met was the start of their second chance.

The first book has been converted to a screenplay that recently was acknowledged in the Top 100 for action/adventure in a Table Read contest.

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